Salt Town

The coastal settlement of Salt Town is home to two things, extensive salt mines and boundless criminal organisations lead by Governor Almon.
This settlement wasn’t built by accident, its great costal location mixed with the vast south plains make it a prime location for both food and water.

The settlement itself looks ordinary. With its rusted rooftops, worn sandstone walls and thick smoke, Salt Town has a bizarre atmosphere.
The main attraction is the under-market, which was built 55 years ago and designed by dwarves, first made to be used as a trading post has recently been drenched in crime and filth.

Salt Town has a great economy, with riches flowing right and left but only to the darkest and most twisted of people, people who are usually either funding the slave mining in the salt mines or backstabbing monarchs who try to make Salt Town into a thriving settlement of families and laws.
However, despite preferring the non direct method of backstabbing and bribery, Salt Town also has the defense of many crack teams of warriors and rangers that are drawn to the aura of darkness the town has.

Despite its strengths and weaknesses, Salt Town is most likely headed towards a sinister future under the leadership of Governor Almon. But this remains to be seen.

Salt Town

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