Cinderton used to be a bustling forward thinking town where all manner of people were welcome no matter their race, gender or social standing. It was seen as the central hub in the land for magic users to congregate and share ideas, with many young magic users attending the town’s famed Hastara College of the Arcane Arts.

However, a huge magical blast originating from the college engulfed much of the town, destroying the vast majority of the surrounding area with the death toll in the thousands, leaving just a few buildings untouched, transforming it from a bustling town into a small village.

The majority of the survivors were human, who after the incident blamed the other races for bringing such dangerous magic to the town. They forced all other races out of the village, with no concern for where they would go and magic was not only frowned upon by the villagers but outright banned by law.

Nowadays the village sees little trade outgoings with other villages and towns as crops simply refuse to grow in the area due to the magical energies that still reside within the ground from the blast. The villagers make their living mostly through tourism, with the village housing three inns open to those who wish to come and visit the village of the magical blast. The majority of the village either own, work for, or reside within these three inns.

Whilst the villagers have prejudice to all other races and magic users, they will allow them within the village as tourists as they know that tourism is their only source of income, however the use of magic within the village is not condoned and elves are particularly hated by the inhabitants.


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