Reri Ananga

Reri Ananga is a ranger from Salt Town


Reri Ananga is nothing but strong and agile, despite being a ranger she has great skill in short-swords, and her trusty parrying dagger which she calls peter, named after her first kill. Reri can be quite unnerving and often comes across as a loner saying few words if any but her loyalty to her party cannot be questioned.

After watching Reri Ananga in action I am terrified she is mostly ranged preferring to stand back and support people with her accurate shots taking out eyes left and right, but when the time calls for it she goes toe-to-toe with the strongest and boldest warriors out there, her parrying dagger often disarming her opponent before a quick slice to the throat ends it.

So today we came across a deer Reri seemed to keep her distance and her bow up, only lowering the weapon once the deer ran off, she seems to not trust animals, not even deers i don’t know what happened but it seems we may need to be careful around animals whilst Reri is here.

Reri Ananga

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