Jannalor Wyn

The outcast of Cinderton


Jannalor Wyn never stood a chance. His mother; Juliana Fairgood was well liked within Cinderton, a barmaid in one of the village’s three inns; The Golden Quarterstaff. One night twenty years ago after an argument with her boyfriend, she had a one night stand with a traveller; an elf, who was staying at the inn that night. She knew not his name, nor where he had come from, and upon waking in the morning he had left without any goodbye and without saying anything to anyone in the village.

Jannalor is the product of this union and became the first resident of Cinderton who was not of full human blood since the incident at the long gone Hastara College of the Arcane Arts. Whilst other races were generally not welcome to reside within the village, the residents did allow it due to him being the son of one of their own.

Just because he was allowed to reside within the village, did not make him well liked. In fact Jannalor was outright hated by the community. He spent his childhood being bullied by the other kids and shunned by his elders. Even his own mother, whilst she would never admit it, was never very fond of him.

To get away from all of this hatred Jannalor would spend a lot of his time in the forest to the east by himself. It was only here that he would feel truly at home, alone with nature. There were many occasions where he would not return home for days. He would forage for food, living off mainly berries. It was strange how the wildlife took to him as well, wolves within the forest would act tame around him, and he would often share his berries with various small creatures within the forest who would all come to him without fear.

No one would miss Jannalor whilst he spent this time away, in fact often they wouldn’t even notice he was gone, the villagers were just happy to have him out of the way. The more time Jannalor spent within the forest the longer his excursions would take. by the time of his eighteenth birthday he was spending the majority of his time within the forest, rarely heading back to the village where he was shunned.

The more time he spent away from the village, the less the villagers wanted him to return at all. On the night of Jannalor’s nineteenth birthday the villagers had had enough of the fact that a half elf was associated with the village, and so a couple of men who had grown up with and in fact bullied Jannlor as a child hatched a plan to kill Jannalor.

They followed him into the forest one night, wielding a knife each ready to end the half-elf’s life. They caught Jannalor by surprise deep within the woods and whilst one held him the other held a knife to Jannalor’s throat. However, just before his throat was slashed a pack of wolves leapt to their friends defence. They attacked the two men who tried to run away but the pack chased them down, they were ready to kill Jannalor’s attackers, but just before one of the wolves ripped out one of the assailants throats, Jannalor cried out "NOOOO! Don’t do it!’ The pack leader of the wolves looked up at Jannalor and the half-elf yelled out “Please, let them go.” The wolf appeared to nod back at Jannalor and growled at the wolf who was on top of the man. The wolf then stepped back off of him and the pack allowed the men to run back to the village.

Jannalor knew that he couldn’t go back to the village, not after what had happened and so he decided to make a new life within the forest with the animals and the trees. for the next two years he lived, finally feeling accepted as part of a community. However, as time wore on his natural curiosity for the world grew and grew and he decided that upon reaching his twenty first birthday he would venture out into the world in search of adventure. He knew that his journeys would no doubt take him into dangerous places, and so he trained with the wolves, fashioning quarterstaffs out of wood, with which he honed his combat skills, whilst also feeling some kind of energy which he couldn’t explain inside him grow and grow as he became more one with the forest and the animals which resided within.

Due to the circumstances of Jannalor’s upbringing he feels more comfortable in the presence of other animals than he does with people. On top of this he also finds it particularly tough to trust humans as those are the people that treated him with such disdain during his formative years. Also, because he came to view the forest as his true home rather than Cinderton, Jannalor has the outlook on life that the natural world is far more important than all the constructs which civilisation has brought to the world and should any damage be done to the forest he calls home it would be as if an injury had been done unto him.

Jannalor Wyn

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